【Ming Da】真空管アンプASC-3488LK  Ming Da-Concert master


しかも真空管アンプASC-3488LKは自己バイアス機能のため 面倒なバイアス調整は必要ありません。
真空管アンプASC-3488LK 一台で真空管EL34と真空管KT-88の音質の相違を客観的にみる事が出来ます。

【Ming Da】真空管アンプASC-3488LK

定格出力(Power Output) :16W x 2
出力インピーダンス(Output Impedance) : 4Ω, 8Ω
周波数特性(Frequency) : 18Hz~60kHz (±1dB)
SN比(Signal to Noises) : 90dB以上
入力感度(Input Voltage) : 200mv
歪率(Distortion Factor) : 1.0%以下
入力インピーダンス(Input Impedance) : 100k
入力端子(Inputs) : 4系統
出力端子(Outputs) : 2系統
定格消費電力(Power Dissipation) : 140W
真空管 : EL34(またはKT-88) x 4, 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x2
外見寸法(Size) :L340 x W390 x H210(mm)(本体)
重量(Weight) : 15Kg(本体)

アンプ:Ming Da ASC-3488LK  使用真空管:EL-34
スピーカー:B & W 685
PCメーカー:パソコン組立工房 伊東徹哉パソコンシステムデザインズ
再生ソフト:Bug head Emperor
ビデオカメラ:JVC Everio GZ-E265-W
収録マイク:audio-technica AT-825
レコーダー:TASCAM DR-40

この動画でMing Da ASC-3488LKの音質の特徴を知って頂くには、スピーカーよりもヘッドフォンで­お聴きになられる方が良いかもしれません。

[ASC-3488LK] is a of Convertible type push-pull vacuum tube amplifier
that can use the EL34 and KT-88 tube in the output tube.

There is no need for any complex bias adjustment due to the self-bias
function of the vacuum tube amplifier.

[ASC-3488LK] can effectively utilize the vacuum tube at hand since it
is a convertible type.

You can see the difference in sound quality of the vacuum tube amp KT-88
and EL34 in a single vacuum tube amplifier.

[ASC-3488LK] has a intelligent design and has a compact size that can
even be placed on a desk.

Power Output :16W x 2
Output Impedance : 4Ω, 8Ω
Frequency: 18Hz~60kHz (±1dB)
Signal to Noises : 90dB以上
Input Voltage : 200mv
Distortion Factor : 1.0%以下
Input Impedance : 100k
Inputs : 4groups
Outputs : 2groups
Power Dissipation : 140W
Vacuum Tubes: EL34(or KT-88) x 4, 12AX7 x2, 12AU7 x2
Size :L340 x W390 x H210(mm)
Weight : 15Kg(net)

Amplifire: ASC-3488LK Vacuum Tube EL-34
Speaker: B & W 685
Player: PC Audio
Maker of PC: “Tetsuya Ito” Personal Conputer System Designs
Player Application: Bug Head Emperor
Video Camera: JVC Everio GZ-E265-W
Microphone: audio-technica AT-825
Recorder: TASCAM DR-40

In this movie,It might be better to hear the playback using headphones rather than
through the speakers to get to know the characteristics of [ASC-3488LK].

The recording environments are performed in the office that is facing
the roadway so the environmental sounds such as cars, bikes have been

THe sound also skips between 3:20~3:26. This was caused by static
energy between the microphone stand and myself.

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